The One Key to finally getting organized. "Know Thyself" More... January 03 2017, 0 Comments

The best way to start to organize, is to understand why you aren’t. What’s your personality style? And why. What’s your motivation? Answering these two questions should give some insight and even, to some, absolution. 

Knowing your personality style is the foundation to whether you are naturally organized or not. Did you know that part of you, is inborn? This drive to have things organized is a natural desire that is deep inside you. You can take classes and understand all sorts of fun ways to get organized. If you are not wired this way, you will usually fight against being messy most of your life. I hereby give you permission to: 

1. Accept yourself as you are. Repeat after me, “I’m not organized; and that’s okay.”

2. I will get help from others who are.

3. I will also help my organized friends with things they are not good at.

4. I will set up a schedule to have my friends come over so I will clean things up.

5. Get rid of all things you haven't used lately. Only have a few items of silverware, towels, clothes, etc. You only really need very little.

Let’s face it, it’s good to be organized. Period. The problem is some of us, are…uh, I hate to say it, but we are not organized; okay, we are just plain MESSY! But we also are usually really nice, and/or funny, but mostly we are lovable!

One is an extrovert, they are the life of the party. They get easily distracted and hey, it just isn’t “fun” to be neat! The other, is the low-key introvert. Their motto would be “Relax.” It just takes too much energy to be organized.

Now, the naturally organized people fall into two categories also. One is an extrovert. They are organized so they can accomplish many things at once, usually with the help of others. The other, is an introvert who is very organized so they can slowly, and quietly, perfect their master project alone.

The bottom line is this. Take some drastic action. You can try and change, be better, etc. Depending on your situation, you may need to just totally admit that you will never be neat. If you do, then you need to take drastic action to change the situation. My number one tip: PURGE your stuff! Get rid every thing you haven’t worn, or used recently. Give it away, sell it or just pack it up.

Below: Here is the set of Personality-Ville Clue Card, Two (2) Card: Two Ways ~ Messy or Neat. You choose which one is most like you. (Take the rest of the quiz by getting the book, playing cards or free online test.)

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Important Personality-Ville Principle "In-Tune": T = Tolerance, U = Understanding, N = No, E = Excuses. Understanding someone's natural tendencies does not excuse bad behavior!

What are YOUR top tips? What's your messy or neat story?