Personality-Ville: Relationships, Opposites Attract! (Extrovert & Introvert) May 02 2024, 0 Comments

Video: General traits of each kingdom in relationships:

Often, we naturally choose our opposite. In Personality-Ville these two kingdoms would have no "common borders." In other words, neither gets energy the same (8 card) or make decisions the same (5 card).

When these preferences are not the same, we call this a "Harmony" match. When they are the same (example: 8 Energy Card is both: Extrovert, getting energy from external sources) we call this a "Melody" match. There is no "Best" match for this card/preference or any other Personality-Ville card matches. Any combination can work well, yet every combination has its possibility to entice our Dragons of Defects to come out.

Looking at these two kingdoms together, they can have a great "Harmony" to balance their lives. Let's say, The Castle is Kim, and The Cottage is Len. Kim is going to be go, go, go, always wanting to Accomplish something. When Kim does things Len's way, they both get to Relax in The Cottage way. If both were from The Castle, they would Accomplish much, but have a hard time Relaxing and stopping to "smell the roses."

It's the Great Maestro's Way that we were naturally created with different energy levels and preferences of doing things a certain way. We each have a natural internal tempo. This is the basis of the Personality-Ville Four Mottos Song: "Relax, Learn, Achieve, Play, keeps your Dragons far away!"