4 Kingdoms ~ Aces of Excellence: Purrsonalities

Each kingdom has its own animated persona--The Purrsonalities®! Former Disney cartoonist Vic Lockman and Queen Kimberly West created a set of matching animated/cartoon cat characters for our books and visual products. Per Queen Kimberly's wishes, artist Kris Lewis, added the custom spots turning them into BIG CATS: leopards!


"Sky TangoThinker™ here. (Introvert-Thinking) I love to work in my Royal Observatory Studio with just a few quality projects. If you want it done right, call me. If you want it done right away, maybe call one of the other Purrsonalities® like Blaze SalsaSinger.

"I was named Sky TangoThinker because just like intense tango dancers, I am more serious, precise, and love to look 'perfect.' I am usually slow to get to know, but have very deep thoughts and feelings that I might share with just a few close friends.

"In the DiSC® system, I would become a 'C' Cautious; in the traditional Greek terms, a Melancholy, or an Analytical."

Sky TangoThinker

Sky TangoThinker means: "Sky," like the cool blue night sky with the vast universe; "Tango," for the preferred internal tempo; "Thinker," as to a preference in decision making.

The tango dance comes from Argentina and has several variations. All have in common intense, sometimes slow, cautious movements, accentuated by quick rigid body positions. When you watch them they are focused on each other, looking inward. Just like those introverted, detailed people we know. They, too are cautious, lower-energy, slow to make decisions, yet intense. There is a lot going on underneath that cool exterior, they don't show it to just anyone.



"Hi! I'm Sunny SwingTalker, (Extrovert-Feeling) the 'best' Purrsonality--not really! All The Purrsonalities® are equally grrreat! Although I do have a preference for a favorite--ME! I was named Swing because just like swing dances such as the Lindy Hop, I am high-energy, non-stop, and very expressive!

"If you haven't noticed, I am the Royal Court Jester and I love my job! You know the world would be a very boring place without me, so I try to come and bounce into your life as much as you will let me.  Influential is the DiSC® term, and a Sanguine is the Greek term."

Sunny SwingTalker 

Sunny SwingTalker means: "Sunny" like a bright yellow sun; "Swing," the internal preferred tempo; "Talker," as in what Sunny is good at!

Swing dancers come from the American big band era. Watching a couple Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing or Jive across the floor is a treat for the eyes and ears! These dancers whirl, twirl, spin, and hop around the floor like the energizer bunny! And just like people that swing through life, it is easy to identify them by their high energy, loud laughing, big smiles, bright colors, and expansive movements! They are extroverts like their salsa brothers and sisters, but swings are much more FUN!



"Blaze SalsaSinger reporting for duty! (Extrovert-Thinking) I am the Royal Builder and General in charge of the Royal Armies to protect all The Purrsonalities®. I don't really have time to type out all about me because I am the president and captain of many organizations in my community and I'm just too busy! The bottom line is, I love the bottom line!

"I was named Blaze because I am hot, intense and extroverted like the high-energy salsa dancers.
And by 'hot,' I mean, I am on-fire with new ideas and am not afraid of trying new things.

"Dominant is the term in the DiSC® system and a Choleric in the Greek terms."

Blaze SalsaSinger

 Blaze SalsaSinger means: "Blaze" as in red-hot with ideas and energy; "Salsa," the preferred internal tempo; "Singer," as in singing the melody as a leader.

When you watch salsa dancers the most impressive thing you notice is that you can't help but notice them! With their fiery, intense, high-energy excitement they command attention. Salsa is a term that encompasses several hot, Latin dances such as the mambo, merenge, salsa, etc. Just like the people who salsa through life, these dancers can be super extroverted, in-your-face bold, and very goal focused.



"Hi, I'm Shamrock WaltzWalker™ Purrsonality. (Introvert-Feeling) You can call me just Shamrock if you like. I was named that because I am down to earth (shamrock) and flowing, easy-going, low-key like a waltz dance. I live in the Royal Cottage and I am the Royal Diplomat. I love to have people come to my house and I like to listen to them. Other people are really important to me and I like to make them happy. I am from the Family of Introvert and I live on the "Feeling" side.

In the DiSC® system I would become an 'S' Steady, in the traditional Greek terms I would be called the Phlegmatic. In other systems I'm called Golden Retriever, or an Amiable. What ever name you call me, I hope 'friend' is one of them."


NOTE: These colorful and inspirational leopards are available for animation projects (could be licensed) and customized to your unique needs.

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