Companies use Personality-Ville Kingdoms

Sales, customer service, human resources, wellness programs, and more.
Keep your way of referring to each style; use our system like a new frame around your already great content. 
Many business clients have used other personality temperament typing systems in the past and don't want to change the way they refer to each style--Not to worry! Because our system is unique, we can customize a program or product to your specific needs. Here's an example of a sales team that uses a personality color system:
We create a custom Personality-Ville Kingdom map with your  sales force plotted through out the kingdom. You can see visually that most of your sales force lives in the "Castle" kingdom--in a strong, productive castle. You have used the bright "Red" color to denote these visionary extroverts. In our map we simply use this color throughout the Castle kingdom and put in the personality name of "Red" instead of "Castle."
Or we could use the phrase, "Red's live in the Castle." This also would work in a live seminar keynote presentation. We simply use YOUR names for each temperament style and use our wording of the Personality-Ville Kingdoms as a place where the "color" lives--feels at home.
Custom Programs: Sales, customer service, career tests, team building, morale boosting, diversity, professional development CEUs, employee recognition, and others!

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We are the ONLY company that brings it alive with colorful maps and music!

Business training specialists have used personality temperament testing in the hiring, job placement, sales and customer service areas for years. In our personal lives, we love to find out about ourselves and those around us.


We have put a picture and a sound to this abstract concept of "personality temperaments:" we have assigned a type of Royal Residence and musical tempo to each style! The audience gets to watch live dance couples demonstrate what each style looks and sounds like. In the map of Personality-Ville, you may find yourself drawn to one or more of the kingdoms--Castle, Circus, Observatory, or Cottage.

What makes Personality-Ville so different at events?


1."Kingdom Zones" ~ re-create Personality-Ville kingdoms in your own space! Give a place for everyone to sit/talk in a space THEY feel most "at home."

Use as whole theme ~ decorations, rooms by kingdoms (clubs) or area of room by kingdom, use four corners. Set up a "Castle Zone" where it's all about work: big tables to spread out on; close plug-ins for laptops, portable printers, etc. The "Circus Zone" is all about fun, talking, and being loud! Set up a "Cottage Zone" where it's nice and quiet, with tables that have seats for two with "Quiet" signs up and a SLOW sign to make it peaceful. In another area/corner, put  a big "Observatory Zone" banner with organized tables & chairs, many with just enough room for one person; with the latest, most expensive gadgets.

"Since attending your program, I have personally gained an improved awareness of the personality styles of the people I work with. On a personal note, I really enjoyed your sparkling personality, boundless energy, and superb sense of humor. Your charisma and attitude truly make your presentation top notch!"

Sybil Soukup, Director Humane Society of North Iowa


Other options: Musical Tempo PROGRAM: We can organize a "Dancing With the Stars" type contest for your event using your local "celebrities." We use professional dance teachers paired up with people in your organization to create a fun and energizing custom element to your event. Many employees or local "celebrities" ballroom dance and it's great for them to show off their dancing skills and have your employees see them in a different light.

Just Entertainment
You may order just entertainment with one  dance couple or a whole dance team! Also, if dancers will be in the event anyway, an additional time for them to perform can be arranged and the cost reduced.

In addition to a seminar, keynote, or workshop, our ballroom dance couples are available for exhibition dances and/or teaching classes on the day of the program an/or other times/days.


Because of the varied nature of our programs, we usually can customize a program that fits your budget and time-frame. Programs can range from a single speaker to several dance couples. Kimberly travels from Southern California. Fees are flexible depending on location and program complexity. Travel expenses can be shared by several organizations. Other speakers' fees vary. Local fees available.

Tell us what you really want and we will try and work around your budget!

  Guest Judge: Kimberly is an accomplished performer and is great at improvisation. Her unique and funny comments lightens up any event she may judge. She can sit on your panel of DWTS-like judges and has a hilarious imitation of each of the TV DWTS judges (Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno.) Since she is a long-time ballroom dancer herself, she knows the special aspects of each dance that make it a 6 or a 10! 


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