Circus Post. Open letter from (Extrovert-Feeling) The Royal Circus. VIDEO (click for more...) June 05 2020, 0 Comments

Below: A video that shows how to use the "Welcome Banner" on your door or to the entrance to your office.

"Hi from The Royal Circus! I love having fun as much as possible! We'd like you to know":

* Because we go at such a fast pace, and we don't think before we speak, sometimes stuff just comes out of our mouth--kinda like a teenager! We don't like to hurt people's feelings, so if it sounded a little weird, just know most of the time our heart is in the right place!

* We are friendly! We love to chat with anyone near by. If you are from another Personality-Ville Kingdom (like from The Introvert Family) you would never talk to someone unless it meant something. In our kingdom, this is not the case. it may even seem like we are flirting with you. Don't get confused--most of the time we are just being super open and funny to everyone!

What else would YOU like others to know? Tell us in the Comments Section!


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