We are in the process of creating customized products for teachers. Please contact us with your needs and class information. We have had several teachers use our test and put on a mini-presentation to their class. One teacher had a 4th grade use it for career day. Another teacher used it more extensively in a high school psychology class.
All teachers and students reported that they really enjoyed the unique presentation. The students were asked to draw their own "Purrsonality Place" map from memory and most were able to do it! The visual and music aspect of it makes it easier to remember.
Other benefits include the kids getting the message that ALL people are valuable. We say like a song of four-part harmony every personality temperament is needed!
Go to our Awards page and nominate your student or teacher who really exemplifies each style! We challenge a whole class to have everyone honor each other, so EVERY student will receive a certificate and the class will decide what to spend the $50 gift-certificate on. (We give a local business certificate so people can use them in their own hometown.)