How to determine a school major: Know where you get your energy. September 16 2021, 0 Comments

There is a new way to determine what would be a good major for students. Where you live in “Personality-Ville” determines your natural career choice.
Which one gives you the most energy? The Royal Castle, The Royal Circus, The Royal Observatory, or The Royal Cottage? Each has its own motto, speed limit, and other preferences. (Castle=Motto: Achieve, Speed 100+. Circus=Motto: Play, Speed 80+. Observatory=Motto: Learn, Speed 47.5. Cottage=Motto: Relax Speed 40ish)
Below: Four Kingdoms of Personality-Ville
Personality-Ville Treasure-Map to Life!

A student must know what, and how, their energy reserves get filled. Taking a personality style test usually can do this. However, many questions ask you, “Which choice do you usually make?” I think a better question would be, “What choice gives you the most energy?” This will lead you to your natural temperament. Example: When you are around a lot of people, do you feel energized? Introverts get energy from themselves—internally. Extroverts get energy from external ways, outside themselves. Think of introverts like a high quality Winnebago RV, they are “self-contained.”

Understanding this is paramount to what type of career you should go into. This has nothing to do with being “shy.” There are extroverts who get shy and introverts who are very self-confident. If you are an introvert and feel pushed to go into a field that say, your parents went into—head of a noisy, high-energy sales force—your energy reserves will be spent quickly.
An introvert must have access to quiet in order to replenish their energy reserves. Preferably, a place to be alone. This is a most basic, yet so important fact to know about yourself. It is an inborn quality that cannot be changed. Nor, should it be. According to personality style expert, Kimberly West, “Like a song of four-part harmony, each personality is needed.”
The same is true for an extrovert. West says, “I didn’t know that I was an extrovert; that I needed to be around people. I had the opportunity to go from a receptionist to the corporate cash manager for a Fortune 500 company, and I wasn’t going to say no to that advancement. I did very well; so well, I was inducted into Who’s Who of the West. The problem was, computers came along in the 1980s and I lost all interaction with my international and U.S. contacts. After I did everything on a new 'Wang Computer,' I would just melt away everyday and didn’t understand what was happening to me.”
West went on to say, "This was the main reason I became a speaker and an author. Being in front of people—while it made me a little nervous—energized me, big time! I loved to help others and would get a rush being in front of them and giving them important insights into their personality style.”
Personality-Ville is a new treasure map to visualize the four main personality temperaments. It’s a quick and easy way to “see” where you live in the kingdom. There are the two kingdoms of the Family of Extrovert: Castle or Circus. And two from the Family of Introvert: Observatory or Cottage. Each one is special and there are no “best” kingdoms. There also is a get-to-know-you sharing game that goes with the personality quiz.
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