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Here's an "Open Letter" to all others not from our kingdom:

Greetings from the busy, important Royal Castle!

We get energy from being around people.

We are the ones that many times have a lot on our plate; we thrive on accomplishing our goals! 

If we want to know something, we will talk with anyone near by. We are fearless that way. If you are from another Personality-Ville Kingdom (like from The Introvert Family) you would never talk to someone unless it meant something. In our kingdom, this is not the case. Don't get confused--most of the time we are just being super open and maybe even sarcastically funny to whoever is nearby!

We love to accomplish as much as possible. We also love to solve problems, and we have the energy to do just that. We make fast decisions and kinda assume you would want to know the solution. Sometimes, we will forget to ask if you do want to know, so it may seem like we are a "know-it-all." We think it's not about us, it's about the solution. That comes from living on the Thinking Side of Decision Drive~we base many things on facts. On the Feeling side, they might base a comment on how it might sound to others.

Because we go at such a fast pace, and sometimes we don't think before we speak, words just come out of our mouth~like a teenager! We don't like to hurt people's feelings, so if it sounded a little curt, just know most of the time our heart is in the right place!

We are in a hurry! We like to accomplish as much as possible for as long as possible. Quantity is our goal! Achieve is our Motto. So please get to the bottom-line, so we can save time. We are not into chit-chat. We are formal and quite private, unless it serves our goals; most things have to have a purpose.

If you want something done right away, call us. If are very busy, but most of the time, we can prioritize, delegate and somehow fit it all in. We do struggle with following the Four Motto Song: Relax, Learn, Achieve, Play, keeps your Dragons far away! We need someone strong to put their foot down and demand that we do other things than "Achieve" all the time. We will respect you for it (although we may grumble about it!)

Below: The 13 Clue Card from The Royal Castle


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