About Us--Royal Court

Personality-Ville Mission: celebrate, honor, encourage, and unite ALL personality temperament styles 

  • Award each unique style and the leaders who promote these principles
  • Role-model by using successful people of each style with our Who's Who of Personality-Ville
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in businesses, homes, and schools
  • Use the UNITING and creative factors of art, music and dance 
  • Unique awards ceremony with live dance couples and fun costumed personality characters--Purrsonalities®!

Our Founder: Queen Kimberly

  "Queen" Kimberly West from the kingdoms of The Castle and The Circus, is the founder of Personality-Ville® which is now headquartered in Southern California.

Kimberly has been delighting audiences for years teaching people the empowering knowledge of understanding personality styles. She has created a whole treasure-map kingdom. This included The Four Purrsonalities animated characters she co-created with a former Disney animator!

She said with a smile about her royal title, "After years of creating a whole kingdom with over twelve characters, it's been a labor-of-love, so the only title that seemed right was the Queen Mother of Personality-Ville."

She has a background in teaching, counseling, English and elementary-school tutoring, cash management/finance, and marketing. She has been awarded an inclusion in Who's Who in the West 1986 for being the only woman and youngest executive of AM International, a former Fortune 500 company and Architectural Digest. (Something a typical Castle person would do at only 26! Marquis Who's Who included under "Kimberly Ann Herbener.")

After surviving being hit by three drunk-drivers in one month several years ago, it aggravated a heart condition that increasingly zapped Kimberly's energy. She now works part-time and because of this "different ability," she was awarded an Entrepreneurs with Disabilities grant. Her drive and ambition are still the same.  It was because of her desire to continue to work, she came up with creative ways to adjust to her condition, thus her unique seminars were born.

"I speak occasionally now while I am focused on creating a new online personality assessment that involves a game-like animated map user interface. I am open to partners for this new venture. Other products in development: books, video training, speaker training, and other fun items," she said.

She is an involved person who enjoys helping her community and bringing diverse people together. She is a former Tournament of Roses member, FAME choir member, and South African ballroom dance advocate.


Personality-Ville® Talent:


Gideon Kendall, Artist
  Personality-Ville detailed "houses"
Designed with Queen Kimberly West
Gideon created the intricate kingdom "homes."
As an accomplished illustrator and musician,
we are lucky to have had him as a unique talent!
Former Disney Animator: Original Cats

The Cats to Leopards

 We decided to make the cats, well, bigger! A lot bigger! The Purrsonalities seemed to growl at us and demand that they become BIG CATS--leopards. Leopards with spots that could be bigger or smaller depending on their energy level. There were even spots that were musical notes.
Kris Lewis added the musical spots and changed the cats to leopards.
Kris Lewis, Animator
The Purrsonalities sing in perfect four-part harmony.
Purrsonalities as leopards
Kris also does beautiful animation of animals, along with traditional artwork.