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At the center of Personality-Ville is a beautiful full-color "Treasure Map to Life." It symbolizes different natural preferences of your personality style: how fast you like to do things, how you prefer to make decisions, how you get energy, and other ways that you prefer to live your life!

Where is your Energy Treasure Chest? This represents your natural internal energy. You've heard it said, "I don't want to spend my energy that way." The Energy Treasure Chest shows how it works with Energy Coins coming and going. 

Castle, Circus, Observatory, or Cottage?



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Below: Shark Tank Sharks!

There is no best kingdom for an entrepreneur as all kingdoms can succeed with their special strengths. Here is a possible placement of some of the Sharks.

Barbara Corcoran has said, "I'm the queen of fun!" so of course she's near The Circus! We have placed Daymond John in between The Observatory and The Cottage. He's cautious and thoughtful. Mr. Wonderful is up near the Dragon Bossy Barker as his strengths at times go to "the extreme" where The Dragons of Defects live in the outer corners of the kingdoms.


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Book One: Personality-Ville Quiz-Game (with MAP):

 1. Book One Introduction: Personality-Ville Quiz-Game & Mini-Activity Book: (8.5" x 11") 60 full-color pages (summary quiz results, activities, mini-posters and map)

ISBN: 978-0974251448 

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1. Take the free quiz

2. Read your results and complete the steps in the activity section ~ cut out and put up the colorful posters and map.

3. Option: Share your results with others ~ Play the Dragon Drool Anonymous get-to-know-you game (in the book).

4. Get all the other fun items that reinforce learning: maps, posters, and merchandise.