Cottage Post. Open letter from (Introvert-Feeling) to others. VIDEO (click for more...) July 21 2021, 0 Comments

Here's an "Open Letter" to all others not from our kingdom:

Greetings from The Royal Cottage in Personality-Ville. We love living here where it is quiet and relaxing. In fact, that's our Motto: Relax. We want everyone to get along and be at peace. Conflict is really unheard of here.

Some of us have been the Royal Diplomat as we are peace-keepers. What we really hate is...change! Especially, fast change. Many of our mates and spouses are from the Family of Extrovert and they change plans all the time. It drives us nutty! Please, just simply asking us before hand if something is okay--and really willing to listen--"No I really don't want to," is super appreciated!

Be kind to us. We are not you, we are not from your kingdom. Remember our speed limit is 40ish. We can be somewhat flexible, especially if you prefer it for a while. But don't ask us to go at your break-neck speed all the time. We simply do not have the natural reserves of energy that you might have. Also, keep in mind that when we are around people (that could mean anywhere from 2+) this causes us to spend our precious Energy Coins. Ask us how much Energy Coins we have, and how much Energy would be spent by doing a certain activity.

Have a nice day!


#Introvert_Cottage (Introvert-Feeling)