Double impact from one map! Business and Personal Benefits

"Personality-Ville has literally changed my life--for the better. First, in my business life. I had previously learned about this concept using mostly letters to represent each style. When I saw the colorful and meaningful 4 Kingdoms of PV, it was so easy for me to SEE myself up in The Circus being loud and having fun while working hard. I am a technical recruiter for executive level jobs. I looked at The Map and realized most of my candidates were from The Observatory. It was so much easier for me to go to their "kingdom" and abide by their natural laws-- go slower, lower my voice, let them pause before speaking, and generally just see myself where they live. I have consistently been one of the top recruiters and I know following the PV Map has been an important part of that success!"~ B.A.M., Executive Tech Recruiter, Orange County, California

"The second way it impacted me was in my personal life. When I found myself single at 60, I was pretty set in my ways and thought everyone had to accept me as I was and I didn't really need to change anything. Then, I met the-love-of-my-life, and everything changed. She introduced me to the fun and unique Personality-Ville map and we started an ongoing discussion about the Four Kingdoms. It was so engaging that we could use the colorful Kingdoms to learn about each other--it really drew us closer together. We could SEE how each of our personality Kingdoms worked and it has been an important part of our healthy relationship that's going on 5 years."~ B.A.M. from The Circus/Castle in Orange County, California


Couple Oath of Personality-Ville


             Click above to order this cool Couple Oath with your two Coat-of-Arms special kingdoms joined together!


Below are reactions from our original program and book. 

Video Demo Reel of original program: Harmony Seminars (using music/dance as examples) and the initial fable: Why Can't Everyone Be Like Me? 


Book: Why Can't Everyone Be Like Me?


  Congratulations on Why Can't Everyone Be Like Me? Very creative...interesting...it will enrich many people's lives..." Former Iowa Governor Thomas Vilsack

"...I have booked a lot of speakers for our hospital and Kimberly is one of my favorites. In addition to her command of the stage, she is great at getting the audience involved. Quick humor and important insights get combined with unique visuals of ballroom dancers. It's like watching Dancing With the stars meets Myers-Briggs!" Sheri Borcherding, Health Education Coordinator, Mercy Health Network

"...Very creative. I love this approach. Dancers were excellent visual, this was the best understanding of personality styles I've ever gotten..." Attendee from the National Wellness Institute Conference

"...on a scale of 1-10, this was an 11! Kimberly took an interesting subject and brought it to LIFE! Loved it!" L. Porter, Effective Communication Seminar

"Kimberley has the ability to challenge, charm, and care at the same time. She sets high standards for herself and this creates integrity..." Andrew Whaling, MFCC--A Center for Singles

"...I love this program! I read her book "Why Can't Everyone Be Like Me?" and I haven't looked at people the same since. It really has helped with my relationships to better understand others--esp. people not like me!" Ryan B., International educator/producer and award winning author