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What each personality style can't live without. May 02 2024, 0 Comments


What do we each need? What can we not live without?

Find out in Personality-Ville®

Each of us has a natural preference of doing things and gaining energy a certain way. In today's challenging times, what can you NOT live without?

In Personality-Ville®, each kingdom has its own type of Royal Residence. This is like the four major temperaments of old. The introverts live in a calm Cottage and a cool Observatory; the extroverts live in a busy Castle, or fun Circus.

Quick Summary:

Cottage (introvert/feeling): needs peace, rest, and friendships. For the sake of the family, they can give up a lot, but don't ask them to increase their workload. Give them a day off in exchange for doing with less, and they will love you more for it!

Observatory (introvert/thinking): needs a sense of control and order. They can give up that new computer they have had their eye on, but don't take away their own office space in the house. Give them a gold medal with a personal inscription on the back like, "Perfect 10 for cleanest room."

Circus (extrovert/feeling): needs to have FUN and be the center of attention--this usually doesn't cost a thing! They could give up that fun trip to Mexico, but don't ask them to stop telling funny stories. The best gift you can give a them, is to listen and laugh at their jokes--priceless!

Castle (extrovert/thinking): must have a sense of accomplishment and control. They might have a hard time giving up their dream of starting their own business right now, but don't hamper their vision. Maybe now would be a good time to start a non-profit and lead a group of volunteers.

In today's challenging economy, many of us stop and ask ourselves, "What can I live without? What can I cut back on and still maintain most of what I had before?"

Some people, when in the mood, can really live on very little: They use bread sacks instead of plastic baggies; never go to the movies; buy clothes at second-hand stores; or only drive a few days a week. But there are a few things that some know if they "cut back on" it will zap precious reserves of energy.

Each personality temperament NEEDS certain things in life in order to thrive. Now, there are many things we ALL like, but imagine there is a little "energy treasure chest" within you. Each style has their own special things that "fill up" their Energy Treasure Chest.

People that live in the Cottage are easy-going, low-key, and people oriented. They need to have peace, keep the same routines, and maintain relationships. They can give up material things, but needs to increase their social interactions. Call an old friend and catch up--it's energizing!

In opposite style, a "Castle" person--who is an intense, goal-oriented extrovert--gets his blaze colored Energy Treasure Chest filled up by achieving things, and not wasting a minute of time.  Castle folks can give up buying those "extra" things, but don't ask them to give up anything that saves them time.

Another extrovert lives at the Circus with a big, sunny yellow circus tent. Their treasure chest gets filled up when they are allowed to have fun and shine! They will really have a hard time giving up the new, fun, fashionable clothes or shoes, but can make up for that by joining a comedy class for instance. A must have for a Circus person: a dishwasher--they can be sometimes pretty messy! (It's just not FUN to wash dishes!)

Last, but certainly not least, is our great people that live in the Royal Observatory. These are the intense, perfectionistic introverts. Their energy chest gets filled up by having the very best quality items. They will have a hard time giving up the latest technology. They need to keep a sense of control and excellence--they also need their own space to keep very tidy.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone is not necessarily like you! Each personality temperament has their own tempo, their own rhythm of how they do things, where they get energy from and how they make decisions.We all can "visit" different kingdoms, but usually if nothing else was affected, would go to a predominate "home."

Like a song of four-part harmony, each style is needed. And, we all need to practice the "Harmony Habit: Sing your part to Life's Song and Harmonize (adjust) your actions to be in tune with others--treat people the way they prefer!"

To get a visual sense of each style, get the book Personality-Ville Treasure Map to Life, the fun poster, or playing cards at