Shark Tank

Shank Tank: Why? Because it would be great TV!

Imagine the set: we'd bring in a huge real wooden treasure chest, with gold and silver coins, gems and other fun costumes-- crowns, jester hats, velvet resting pillows, and of course Queen Kimberly will be in full coronation dress! The gigantic map will look more like a Lord of the Rings treasure map next to the shining gold, black and 4-color royal banners as they shimmer with life while Queen Kimberly deftly takes viewers and The Sharks on Quest One as she "places" each Shark on the Personality-Ville Treasure Map.

Almost everyone who sees the beautiful map and colorful characters of Personality-Ville, says the same thing, "This should be on Shark Tank! I can see a huge map as a backdrop with all the Sharks 'placed' in each of the kingdoms! Soooo fun!"

So, we thought it would be fun to put together a "what if" picture of what some of that might look like! Enjoy!

Below is a Personality-Ville map of the Sharks... Queen Kimberly takes us on a quest to show you how a typical entrepreneur functions from each of the four kingdoms. She uses the Sharks as examples, but watch out for the Dragons of Defects, Kevin O'Leary can be seen up where Dragon Bossy Barker lives!

Shark Tank Sharks Personality Style Map