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Who should use this system?

Speakers, Authors, Educators, Counselors, etc.

How is this different from the many personality style programs?

Only program that is designed to work WITH many personality style systems.

Below is the DISC version:

DISC Version Personality-Ville Map


Example of a couple with opposite personality styles:




 What is this program based on?
Personality-Ville® incorporates established principles dating back to Hippocrates’ four temperaments. The default test is based on the DISC (DISCovery) System used by millions of people including Fortune 500 companies, large non-profits, and for personal use by parents, couples, and singles.

Choose your "Compass"

Personality-Ville is a symbolic image "language" that is an introduction to the concept of personality styles. It can be used as a stand-alone or for more in-depth study, it can be customized to an existing system like DISC, Myers-Briggs, HRDQ, Social Styles, True Colors®, etc.

Each program has its own "compass" with the unique terminology that matches how you already are referring to the styles.


Business: HR, Sales, Customer Service, Wellness, Retail,Training, Retreats, Recognition, and more

Trainers: use alone or with your existing personality style programs you sell. Special event decorations are esp. dynamic with full-color banners.

Speakers: great way to introduce the topic in a fun, fast, unique way. Great for PR and events are colorful and unique in decorations/banners.

Authors & Artists, Illustrators : two ways. 1. Submit your content for our publications. Have an idea for a teaching story (fable)? Created artwork using the Personality-Ville kingdom or characters? Submit your ideas and we can collaborate on creating something special together.

2. Use our settings (Personality-Ville kingdoms), or characters within your existing system. Create fables and/or artwork.

Casting/Character Creation 

Game Developers: character creation. Stay true to the character by using The Purrsonalities as a guide.

Writers: create believable characters by following The Purrsonalities as examples.

Casting Directors: put up the colorful map and use it as a guideline to cast shows. Add a personality test to your project website and have your audience see if they live in the same kingdom as your actors or reality stars. 


Counselors/Therapists/Coaches: by simply putting up a few key posters, you can open a discussion with your clients. Use the cards and other detailed products for more in-depth talks of how to keep those pesky "Dragons of Defects" at bay. Insightful and impactful for increased self-esteem and understanding in marriages and parenting.

Clergy/Pastors: as a counseling tool it is fast, fun and insightful. As a preaching/teaching topic it can be used in groups of all sizes: youth, couples, singles, kids, or even a sermon topic.



Personality-Ville Student Intro from Kimberly West on Vimeo.



Students:  Wouldn't it be nice to understand where you get energy from? And wouldn't it be awesome to connect with that special person you have had your eye on? Knowing this simple system and continued in depth research, can assist you with many life decisions. Great for realizing how you naturally like to study and learn.

Teachers: using this colorful and fast system is great for the classroom (about ages 10+) for social skills, character development, career choice, team building, history, social studies or other subjects. Using the "Good Company" Who's Who of Personality-Ville, access role-modeling in a powerful way. Kids can see that a famous, successful person has the same personality as they do (live in the same Personality-Ville kingdom).

Staff/Teacher Development: Personality-Ville is an all encompassing program that is easy to unify all departments within a company or school. Showing the teachers where they live in Personality-Ville and how it affects their teaching style is priceless. Understanding how your students learn and gain/loose energy is paramount for effective learning. Plus, it's fun!

Use a large map in the room and have everyone "place" themselves in each Personality-Ville Kingdom. It's a fun, visual way for others to "see" how they connect with each other. It's also a unique theme that can be used all year.

This is the only program that uses a fun "Treasure Map" with symbolic images and musical tempos. It transcends multiple languages, cultures, and other differences that a group might have.

In addition to Personality-Ville reaching a vast age-range (kids to adults), it gives the kids the message that ALL people are valuable. We say, "Like a song of four-part harmony every personality temperament is needed!" This is an excellent program to give at the beginning of a school year to teachers and students alike.

This works in the CRT arena in a very unusual way: it acknowledges each person and brings them together with something important in common: personality!

Queen Kimberly says,"For several years I gave a program like this to our incoming international college students. They had so much fun finding common ground with others from across the globe!"
We create customized products for teachers. Please contact us with your needs and class information. We have had several teachers use our test and put on a mini-presentation to their class. One teacher had a 4th grade use it for career day. Another teacher used it more extensively in a high school psychology class.

All teachers and students reported that they really enjoyed the unique presentation. The students were asked to draw their own "Personality-Ville Kingdom" map from memory and most were able to do it! The visual and music aspect of it makes it easier to remember.

 Personal Use

 Individuals/Personal Use: knowing where you live in Personality-Ville is vital to understand where you get energy from. It affects how you make decisions, choose a mate and what type of career is best for you.

 Singles: understanding how you prefer to do things is essential in choosing a mate. Not knowing this can cause repeated break-ups.

Couples: Many times we choose our opposite personalty style because it brings us balance. What we don't see right away, is we fall in love with "The Ace" hero positive side, but we learn later that we can sometimes come home to one of their "Dragons of Defects."

Parents: knowing how you prefer to make decisions, directly affects how you parent your child. Seeing where the whole family lives in Personality-Ville is vital to understanding what each needs. Where people get energy from is an inborn dynamic. You may be unknowingly zapping your children's energy because they are different than you.



(In Production) use the fun Personality-Ville online personality test and create new revenue streams. You can sell advertising space on your personality style test. Use our affiliate program and sell Personality-Ville products on your website~make a commission on any products sold. Create a full customized Personality-Ville Map online test with your company branding. 

Unique Personality-Ville map versions of most any personality style program is available.

We can create customized versions of Personality-Ville map, posters, cards, games, and books. Also customize the online DISC personality test and attach it to your website to create another revenue stream. Benefit from media exposure every time Personality-Ville is mentioned. You also may charge advertising fees to insert into your on-line test to capture the attention of visitors for a full 10-30 minutes at a time.

 May I use The Purrsonalities and/or Personality-Ville features within my test and program?

YES! We can arrange customized licensing agreements for you to put any and all of the great colorful characters in your own system.

This would make a great animated movie for training, schools, and church groups! Are The Purrsonalities available?

YES! The Purrsonalities, The Queen Dream Team, The Dragons of Defects and all the Personality-Ville kingdoms are ready to be put in training videos for various applications, or even a TV series that is fun but teaches important lessons, too! Writers, producers, or actors contact us and we'll make it happen!

How was this system designed? Is there something for most styles?

Yes, there is something for most people. Designed with each style in mind! Finally, a personality system that is designed with each personality style in mind. Because it has multi-learner styles and it's flexible in detail, Personality-Ville® can be FAST, FUN, DETAILED, and EASY. Some programs' design caters to mainly one type. We try to provide something for everyone: The Extrovert/Thinkers (castle) like it fast. The Extrovert/Feelers (circus) like it fun. The Introvert/Thinkers (observatory) like it detailed, and the Introvert/Feelers (cottage) like it easy.

Why use this system of Personality-Ville?

Teaches in a fast, fun, visual and auditory way.

It can be used with most programs as a complementary tool

It unifies all departments and celebrates diversity.

It electrifies participants and energizes learning.

Creates easy public relations media coverage if needed.

And much more...!