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QUIZ: Which Personality-Ville kingdom do you feel most at home in: Castle, Circus, Observatory, or Cottage?

Coming Soon: Do you have a Dragon of Defect Quiz?

Below: Video Map Introduction


At the center of Personality-Ville, is a beautiful full-color "Treasure Map to Life." It represents different natural aspects of your personality style; like how fast you like to do things, what type of "home" you like to live in (large and fun, or small and quiet), how you like to make decisions, and so on.

BELOW: Detailed Map of Personality-Ville 

Book One: Personality-Ville Quiz-Game:

 1. Book One Introduction: Personality-Ville Quiz-Game & Mini-Activity Book: (8.5" x 11") 60 full-color pages (summary quiz results, activities, mini-posters and map)

ISBN: 978-0974251448 


1. Take the Personality-Ville Quiz online or in Book One.

2. Read your results and complete the steps in the activity section ~ cut out and put up the colorful posters and map.

3. Option: Share your results with others ~ Play the Dragon Drool Anonymous get-to-know-you game (in the book).

4. Get all the other fun items that reinforce learning: maps, posters, and merchandise.