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Personality-Ville is like Who Moved My Cheese? meets Personality Styles!

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At the center of Personality-Ville is a beautiful full-color "Treasure Map to Life." It symbolizes different natural preferences of your personality style: how fast you like to do things, how you prefer to make decisions, and so on.

BELOW: Detailed Map of Personality-Ville 

Where is your Energy Treasure Chest?

Castle, Circus, Observatory, or Cottage?

 For Group EVENTS: We bring a very large map like the one below for all to see and they can "place" themselves within one of the four Personality-Ville kingdoms!



 To purchase your own Personality-Ville map, CLICK HERE to go to product page.





Below: Video Map Introduction


Book One: Personality-Ville Quiz-Game:

 1. Book One Introduction: Personality-Ville Quiz-Game & Mini-Activity Book: (8.5" x 11") 60 full-color pages (summary quiz results, activities, mini-posters and map)

ISBN: 978-0974251448 

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1. Take the free quiz

2. Read your results and complete the steps in the activity section ~ cut out and put up the colorful posters and map.

3. Option: Share your results with others ~ Play the Dragon Drool Anonymous get-to-know-you game (in the book).

4. Get all the other fun items that reinforce learning: maps, posters, and merchandise.