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THE LATEST: January 2, 2019

First Annual Honorees Enjoy Rose Parade

1. A small group of worthy, non-profit volunteer first-time Rose Parade attendees had a blast enjoying The Melody of Life up close and personal!

A group of normally, quiet and behind-the-scenes people were exuberant while watching the Rose Parade for the first time. Event organizer, Queen Kimberly West of Personality-Ville: Harmony Heroes, gushed "It was such a delight to surprise this bunch of hard-working people who put in countless hours volunteering for various organizations in Southern California with these great seats to the parade."


2. Go-Fund-Me Campaign Forming: Rose Parade Float 2020 to celebrate our Personality-Ville Harmony Heroes!

3. Harmony Honors Awards Ball looking for unique venue in Southern California: Renaissance Faire, Castle-Hotel, Sound Stage, Fantasy LOTR, other?

Dec. 30, 2019

PV Harmony Heroes™ launches at the 2019 Tournament of Roses Parade by giving away over 10 prime seats to those unsung "Harmony Heroes." (MORE...)

Free Tournament of Roses Parade Tickets to Worthy Volunteers

New, non-profit seeks worthy volunteers to honor by giving away over 10 prime Tournament of Roses Parade Tickets (Contact Us: click here to tell us about your unsung Harmony Hero!)

Personality-Ville’s Harmony Heroes™ a new, local, non-profit is launching its first project by giving away over 10 prime bleacher-seat tickets (valued at over $100 each) to the Tournament of Roses 2019 Parade.  They are seeking nominations to honor those who are the unsung heroes doing volunteer work.

Personality-Ville’s Harmony Heroes™ is a new organization (non-profit status in progress) whose mission is to honor and celebrate all personality styles: extroverts and introverts alike. Their motto is: Like a Song of Four-Part Harmony, Each Personality Style is Needed.

FREE QUIZ - Click HERE or copy the link below ⬇︎


QUIZ: Which Personality-Ville kingdom do you feel most at home in: Castle, Circus, Observatory, or Cottage?

Coming Soon: Do you have a Dragon of Defect Quiz?

Below: Video Map Introduction


At the center of Personality-Ville, is a beautiful full-color "Treasure Map to Life." It represents different natural aspects of your personality style; like how fast you like to do things, what type of "home" you like to live in (large and fun, or small and quiet), how you like to make decisions, and so on.

BELOW: Detailed Map of Personality-Ville 

Book One: Personality-Ville Quiz-Game:

 1. Book One Introduction: Personality-Ville Quiz-Game & Mini-Activity Book: (8.5" x 11") 60 full-color pages (summary quiz results, activities, mini-posters and map)

ISBN: 978-0974251448 


1. Take the Personality-Ville Quiz online or in Book One.

2. Read your results and complete the steps in the activity section ~ cut out and put up the colorful posters and map.

3. Option: Share your results with others ~ Play the Dragon Drool Anonymous get-to-know-you game (in the book).

4. Get all the other fun items that reinforce learning: maps, posters, and merchandise.