Harmony Heroes™ of Personality-Ville® (Purrsonalities®)

Sing your part to Life's Song: as in four-part harmony, each Personality-Ville Kingdom is needed.

UPDATE: January 2, 2019

1. A small group of worthy, non-profit volunteer first-time Rose Parade attendees had a blast enjoying The Melody of Life up close and personal!

A group of normally, quiet and behind-the-scenes people were exuberant while watching the Rose Parade for the first time. Event organizer, Queen Kimberly West of Personality-Ville: Harmony Heroes, gushed "It was such a delight to surprise this bunch of hard-working people who put in countless hours volunteering for various organizations in Southern California with these great seats to the parade."


2. Go-Fund-Me Campaign Forming: to celebrate our Personality-Ville Harmony Heroes!

3. Harmony Honors Awards Ball looking for unique venue in Southern California: Renaissance Faire, Castle-Hotel, Sound Stage, Fantasy LOTR, other?



 Press Release: Dec. 03, 2019    Contact: Kimberly West 562-725-5130   Twitter: @KimberlyWest

To nominate (self or others) for free tickets: APPLY HERE

10+ Free Tournament of Roses Parade Tickets to Worthy Volunteers

Personality-Ville’s Harmony Heroes™ a new, foundation based in Southern California, is launching its first project by giving away over 10 prime bleacher-seat tickets (valued at over $100 each) to the Tournament of Roses 2019 Parade.  They are seeking nominations to honor those who are the unsung heroes doing volunteer work.

Personality-Ville’s Harmony Heroes™ is a new foundation (non-profit status in progress) whose mission is to honor and celebrate all personality styles: extroverts and introverts alike. Their motto is: Like a Song of Four-Part Harmony, Each Personality Style is Needed.

The four Harmony Heroes are the creative force of a former Disney animator Vic Lockman (of Moby Duck fame) and Queen Kimberly West the mother of over 12 Personality-Ville characters.

The four heroes are fun leopards each with distinct spots, personalities, strengths and dragons of defects that come out under stress.

Personality-Ville Club (PVC) is the parent organization to the foundation. This is a personality style quiz map that's an info-graphic to the four main temperaments. It's like Lord of the Rings meets Myers-Briggs personality styles. Looking like a treasure map there are four "Energy Treasure Chests" hidden within four kingdoms. After you take the quiz you find your predominate kingdom: Extroverts-- Royal Castle (thinking) or Royal Circus (feeling). Introverts--Royal Cottage (feeling) or Royal Observatory (thinking).

Like a song of four-part harmony,
each personality style is needed!
    •    Mission: celebrate, honor, encourage, and unite ALL personality temperament styles (esp. young people)

    •    Award each unique style and the leaders who promote these principles

    •    Role-model by using successful people of each style (Who's Who) using a biography series of books organized by personality kingdom style

    •    Colorful, renaissance-style shimmering Kingdom Banners and other fun decorations would transport all to a magical place. Each kingdom would have their own coat-of-arms emblems & flags.
    •    Promote diversity and inclusion in businesses, homes, and schools

    •    Use the UNITING and creative factors of music/dance to highlight each style (with their kingdom tempos: Waltz, Tango, Swing, Salsa)
    •    Unique awards ceremony with live dance couples and fun costumed personality characters--Purrsonalities®! from Personality-Ville, these are the Harmony Heroes!

One of the driving passions to start this unique company was the principle of celebrating and honoring ALL types of people. They especially have a heart for those "un-sung" heroes that usually don't get recognized.

Right now there may be thousands of kids, teens and adults that will not realize their full potential because there is a lack of understanding on the part of those around them. How often have you heard it said, "Why can't you be like your brother?" or a teacher might say to a shy introvert, "Why can't you be more outgoing like your older sister?" Or maybe you got scolded in church because you were too silly. (Something I'm sure successful comedians heard growing up!)

Company founder, Queen Kimberly West says, “We want to reach those people, especially young people, by having them relate their style to successful people with the same personality traits. Our goal is to interview and profile many successful people in various fields and have them talk about how their personality temperament has helped them and what they had to do to overcome some of their inherited challenges.”

These various fields would be in sports, entertainment, business, relationships, politics, etc. Each "celebrity" will be featured in a Personality-Ville® Kingdom section. You can take a test and see which one you are like, see who your "neighbor" is!

Our vision is to have people take the test and go to their section, read and listen (video) to several people LIKE THEM for inspiration and encouragement. This is a new way to categorize biography, by personality style.
The GOAL is to have readers say to themselves for example: "Say, if Bill Gates with his analytical Observatory personality temperament can become one of the most successful business people, maybe I can take some of his tips on dealing with the same personality to reach my dreams and goals, too!" Or maybe you have that super outgoing personality and would say, "I have the same temperament as Oprah Winfrey--she's from The Castle/Circus; It really helped me to learn how she had to tone down her style to meet the style of others."  Practical tips are also included as a great 'how-to' tool, such as make sure and pause, stop talking, when you ask and introvert a question. They will stop talking, and THINK, before they speak.
Harmony Honors Awards Event

The Harmony Honors are a part of this fun company. They seek nominations of noteworthy people, and especially young people, who exemplify each of the four main personality styles. Especially wanted are those people who "sing harmony" to the other traditional outgoing leadership styles. These people might be more of a Cottage person: easy-going, they don't want the spotlight. Or maybe you know of a typical Circus friend who might not have the best grades but they sure brighten up your life! You get the idea.

They also want to honor the leaders, the one who usually sings "the melody." Sometimes this may be someone from the Castle with their big ideas and strong leadership abilities. The point is to honor everyone for their special part they bring to life. Like a song of four-part harmony ALL styles/temperaments are needed!
Note: If the person is too shy or would not want his/her picture or name published, a nickname or just a first name would be used. What is most important, is they would know it was for them.


Contact: Queen Kimberly West  562-725-5130           Twitter: @KimberlyWest                  e-mail: FunSpeaker@msn.com        


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