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Circus Post. Open letter from (Extrovert-Feeling) The Royal Circus. VIDEO (click for more...) June 05 2020, 0 Comments

"Hi from The Royal Circus! I love having fun as much as possible! We'd like you to know":

Observatory Post: Open letter from (Introvert-Thinking) The Royal Observatory VIDEO (click for more...) June 05 2020, 0 Comments


Video Below: On your door, put up your personalized "Welcome Banner" that has a list of how you like to be treated! 

From The Royal Observatory (Family of Introvert, from the Thinking Side of Decision Drive)

Here is an "Open Letter" to all others not from our kingdom:

Hello from the quiet, intense side of Personality-Ville. We love living here, following our motto: Learn. We love to achieve great things, but really like to learn all there is to know, to make the best quality. There are a few things we'd like others to know about us:

* We notice more than you know, we may just choose not to comment on everything.

* Our Energy Treasure Chests get filled up when we are alone. We like people, in fact we really enjoy a good one-to-one deep, thoughtful conversation. That's why we really don't like small-talk, it seems disingenuous. (8 Energy Card)

* It would be nice when you ask questions, to pause, then let us speak. We like to think what we are going to say, then speak. Thank you!

What else would YOU like others to know? Tell us in the Comments Section!


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