FAQ: Intro, Learning Outcomes, Benefits (and FREE Personality Quiz)

 Question: How do you find out which Kingdom you are from?

Answer: Take the quiz below, use the PV Clue Cards, or take the quiz in the books. 

Here is a FREE quiz LINK to take the Quiz/Clue Cards: at the end of the quiz you will find out which Personality-Ville you call "home:" Castle, Circus, Observatory, or Cottage.

ProProfs Quiz- Where is your Personality-Ville Treasure Chest ? 


Below: video of how to take the quiz with the Quiz CARDS

Q: What is Personality-Ville? 

 A: Personality-Ville is a multi-product system that teaches a new "language." It is an introductory program to the concept of personality styles. The intent is to stimulate discussions and give you tools to SHOW your life preferences and how you gain energy.

PV is a valuable TOOL for you to use in your business and personal life. All information is image-based on a map location with four main kingdoms. "Royal Residences" are a Castle, Circus, Observatory, and a Cottage~each representing a personality style. It’s a “Treasure Map To Life.”
    It strives to unify different personality style programs by providing a common language vocabulary for discussion, and a set of fun image symbols to refer to.

Q: How do I get started?
    A: Take a Personality Quiz by using the Playing Cards, or using the book Personality Quiz, or going online.

Q: What's the most basic item to have?
    A. The Map of Personality-Ville is designed to have many important components that you may use to discuss your personality style with others and understand yourself.

Q: Is this a personality quiz or a playing card game?
    A: It's both!

Q: Is this for business and personal use?
    A: for business, educational, personal use.

Q: I am used to referring to the styles by another program, can Personality-Ville work WITH mine?
    A: YES! This is the only system that was designed to work with most programs. If you don't see yours, contact us and we'll customized a version for you.

Q. How does the Personality-Ville Map work with different personality style programs like DISC, MBTI, etc.

A. Personality-Ville works WITH most systems as the terminology can "live" in each kingdom. Example with the DISC system. Dominant folks live in The Castle. People with a high "I" tendency live in The Circus. "S"s like to relax in The Cottage, and those that like to learn while relaxing live in The Observatory. The four kingdoms give a visual picture to just the single letter designation. Also the realm of each kingdom starts with one of the DISC letters. The Castle is in the big city of DomiNation. The Circus thrives in the metropolis of Fun*diddl*I*opolis. In the country, The Observatory rests in Cautious Country, and the peaceful Cottage lives in Steadyshire.

Q: This seems like a cool program for my work, can someone come and do a presentation for us?
    A: Yes, we have several speakers/trainers who can do that. We also can work with your existing trainers to use this program.

Q: What are the Learning Outcomes ?

A: Summary: They will take a personality quiz and get general information about their personality traits and what those traits mean. The main message is, "Like a song of four-part harmony, each style is needed." No one style is the best.

* Understand the basic concept of different personality styles.

* Realize that not everyone is created the same. That it is a NEED to be able to recharge their energy reserves a certain way, which may differ from others.

* Understand that under pressure and stress, they may turn into a Dragon of Defect. Each kingdom has their own dragon.

* Realize that while all people like to be treated fairly, they may not prefer to interact in the same way you do--i.e. they live in another Personality Kingdom.

* Identify the four main "personality kingdoms" in Personality-Ville that generally matches established theory: Extroversion, Introversion, (how you get energy) and Thinking or Feeling side of Decision Drive. (How you like to make decisions)

* Identify the general way the Personality-Ville playing cards work. Identify the Personality Kingdom, Purrsonality Harmony Hero (leopard) and other traits that match the cards. The main ones are the Kingdom cards, Ace of Excellence, and The Dragons of Defects.

* Have an introduction to using these cards in everyday life at work, school, or home.

* Know where to go to get more information about continued learning of this topic.

Q: What are the benefits of understanding this concept?
     A: The benefits of following the principles of Personality-Ville are called The Harmony Habit™, they include:
  Save time, energy, and money by accepting yourself and others as they are.

    · Understanding who you are increases self-esteem.
    · Speaking the other person’s language is the key to business success—increase your income!
    · Knowing what to expect from others reduces stress.
    · Enhance your marriage by cherishing your differences.
    · Save therapy bills by avoiding misunderstandings.
    · Increase your child’s self-esteem, which enhances learning.

Just to name a few!