VIDEO Motivate your employees without spending a dime! November 07 2015, 0 Comments

Below: Video of a large banner that could be used in a company setting:


What’s a great way to motivate and energize your employees without using money? Identify their “Personality Style Motto” and give them things that match it!

In Personality-Ville®, each kingdom has its own type of Royal Residence and motto. This is like the four major temperaments of old. The introverts live in a calm Cottage and a cool Observatory; the extroverts live in a busy Castle, or fun Circus.

Quick Summary:

Cottage (introvert/feeling) Motto: Relax. They need peace, rest, and friendships. For the sake of the group, they can give up a lot, but don't ask them to increase their workload. Give them a day off in exchange for doing with less, and they will love you more for it!

 Observatory (introvert/thinking) Motto: Learn. They need a sense of control and order. They can give up that new computer they have had their eye on, but don't take away their own office space. Give them a gold medal with a personal inscription on the back like, "Perfect 10."

 Circus (extrovert/feeling) Motto: Play. They need to have FUN and be the center of attention--this usually doesn't cost a thing! They could give up that fun trip to Mexico, but don't ask them to stop telling funny stories. The best gift you can give them, is to listen and laugh at their jokes--priceless!

 Castle (extrovert/thinking) Motto: Achieve. They must have a sense of accomplishment and control. They might have a hard time giving up their dream of starting their own business right now, but don't hamper their vision. Maybe now would be a good time to start a non-profit and lead a group of volunteers.

Here's a great idea: ASK THEM what would be energizing for them. Maybe have all employees take a short survey with certain choices and a blank section for them to write in. Be creative; have fun!