How to Keep Your Dragons of Defects Away May 06 2015, 0 Comments

What to do with those pesky "Dragons of Defects"

that come out when you're under stress!

According to "," one way to help visualize and understand this abstract concept of different personality styles is to use a system of visual symbols.

It's based on various levels of detailed information given in a visual/symbolic map. The most basic is an understanding of personality styles. This is done with looking at four different style "homes." Extroverts: Castle or Circus. Introverts: Observatory or Cottage. Or a combination of each.

Each kingdom has its heroes (Aces) and dragons, showing the struggle as we each deal with the positives and negatives of our personalities.

Below is an example of a wall poster to help remind us how to "Tame our Dragons." It states: "No Dragon Zone!--Strengths, when taken to the extreme, become Dragons of Defects."

One of the unique aspects of this program is the use of visual images to quickly sum up an abstract concept. In this case, they have created a set of colorful dragons that take on characteristics of four different personality styles.

The premise goes with one of their benefits: "Understanding a person's Dragons of Defects~knowing what to expect~helps reduce stress." When your "dragon" comes out, it's visible to everyone~a little "Dragon Drool" can be seen. This is also the name of a new card game.

A brief summary of these Dragons of Defects and how to handle them during family events, is outlined by Personality-Ville founder and "Queen," Kimberly West.

She states, "The four Dragons of Defects are grouped into two categories. From The Family of Extrovert or Introvert. The Extrovert Dragons are, 'Bossy Barker,' and 'Chattyeth.' These two are very easy to spot because they are loud and intrusive. Tips for getting along with them. Bossy Barker likes to be in control. So give them something to control! A game, an event, the meal preparation, etc. 

 "Chattyeth likes to talk, a lot! So give them a place to do that. Maybe plan on them being the 'emcee' or 'Santa' choosing the presents and giving them to each person~talking much of the time. 

"Now, the Family of Introvert's Dragons are 'Perfectooth,' and 'Snoozoth.' Perfectooth likes things and people to be 'perfect.' They really like to be in control and have the best, highest quality presents/events. One way to help them during this time is to let them be in charge of one very important aspect of an event.

"Snoozoth is another Introvert Dragon. It doesn't take much to understand what this Dragon needs. The best thing you can do for this quiet introvert-type? Nothing. As in, don't give them a thing to do! And it would be really nice if you had a place for them to rest or even lie down if need be. Set up a guest room, with a lock on the door, for anyone who needs to stop, pause and rest. They will love it!"

Below: New Card Game



In order to teach these concepts, Personality-Ville has come up with some unique ways to do that. They have recently finalized a set of playing cards and wall posters/maps that has all of the dragons, and the "heroes" of each Personality-Ville kingdom to help tell the story of our differences. The site states this is for use by business, education and personal venues.



 All of this new, colorful artwork is being woven into West's new version of the book, "Why Can't Everyone Be Like Me?" This book is part of a new personality style system based on what West calls, "A symbolic language of colorful images and fun vocabulary that unites different types of personality tests under one "roof." "Personality-Ville®, Language: One For All," as she calls it.

Can't wait for the revised version? Original versions of her book, "Why Can't Everyone Be Like Me?" can only be found in most North Iowa libraries, or on eBay, as it is sold out and out of print.

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 Background and bio on Kimberly West, founder of Personality-Ville and designer of the game, Dragon Drool. (former teacher/speaker/counselor & Globe Gazette correspondent & columnist)

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