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For Ages 12-Adult      Groups of 2-6

(with supervision, age 8+)

Comprehensive program: all products reinforce learning. Games, Quizzes, Posters, Heraldry Coat-of-Arms, Best Personality Awards, and more!

OUTCOMES: celebrate each personality style equally. Find things in common. Learn valuable principles of Personality-Ville that benefit self-esteem, better career choice, promote less stress through understanding. Practice speaking and keeping quiet. Have fun!

Get together in brand new ways! Take the Personality-Ville Quiz Card test. Put out the big, colorful map, and share your results. Sharing your results is unique also. You can play "Dragon Drool Anonymous!" It's like a tongue-and-cheek 12-step group for our Dragons of Defects that come out under stress. (see video below for instructions)


Personal Use: Singles, Dating

While dating, many have told of feeling attracted to their opposite. See, you are drawn to your "harmony," naturally to complement your style. The challenge is, after about three months, people generally relax and become their total self. Sometimes, this is when you get to see their Dragon of Defect. In fact, Queen Kimberly West says, "Real love only happens after you have met my Dragon of Defect." And isn't that what real love is: accepting the good and the bad?
Understanding the personality style or temperament of your loved-one can have a most profound affect on your relationship--in fact, it just might save a marriage, save thousands of dollars on mis-spent tuition, and save countless hours looking for that perfect person.
It is very important to understand that the different Personality-Ville kingdoms gain and receive energy differently. Extroverts gain energy from being around people. Introverts gain energy from being alone. And the opposite is true: introverts around a lot of people causes them to spend their energy. Extroverts alone, causes them to spend their energy treasure coins.
As a single person if you don't understand this concept you might continually choose a certain type of person and have no clue as to why.
(More content coming soon...we want to hear from you, tell us your story!)

This sharing is done in a get-to-know-you game style. All share and listen.

Get the Personality-Ville Treasure Map to Life enlarged size, several decks of cards and the PV Treasure Map to Life! Put the map up to reinforce learning. Take it down, put it on the table and use it as a game board.

Have a regular meeting time and pass out Excellent Personality Awards. (get the fill-in-the-blank document). Give a Best Introvert to that shy, kind-hearted child. Give a Best Extrovert for that super funny one.

Have a Dragon of Defect? (Hint: we all do!) Identify negative traits in a fun way. Would you like to apologize for their bad behavior? Get the Dragon Apology Card. It's called "The Best Gift Ever: An Apology!"

Use the Welcome poster on each person's "kingdom entrance." (This could be an office, room, or area.) This has all the details of their Personality-Ville Quiz. It's a fill-in-the-blank format and includes a list of preferred "DOs" and "DON'Ts" to let others know how they like to be treated.

Genealogy: Use the map to "place" your relatives in each Personality-Ville Kingdom. You may use sticky notes, coins, chips, tokens. You may want to assign a type of token to represent a family.

Example: There's Lyle Laidback. He tested out as being from The Cottage (Introvert-Feeling). He can use a little sticky note and put "ME- Lyle Laidback," near his kingdom. He can take the Personality-Ville Quiz Cards as his mother. Let's say she is from The Castle. Lyle can put a sticky note with "Lyle's MOM," near The Castle.

Lyle does this for his father, and puts a sticky note with "Lyle's DAD" near The Cottage. In this scenario, Lyle might look at this and think, "Wow! Now I know why I always felt like my mother didn't like me, and I thought Dad did. My sister always told me I was equally loved, but I never really felt it from my mother. Now I see that we just lived in different "personality kingdoms."