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Kimberly West
Queen of Personality-Ville

from The Family of Extrovert

Between The Castle and The Circus


Kimberly West, The Castle/Circus

Career: Writer, Designer, Speaker


Motto: "I like to achieve goals, while having fun!"


A. About. Name: Kimberly West. Predominate Kingdom: Blaze's Castle Key Words: Inspiring, fun, intense, caring, visionary, perfectionist, goal-oriented, trailblazer.

B. Best At. Occupation: "Queen of Personality-Ville®" educational products designer/author/speaker. Love to bring abstract concepts to life with fun, visual symbols.

C. Childhood experience with personality:  In 5th grade, I came home and told my mom I learned about personality today. I asked her, "What does 'aggressive' mean?" That's funny because, inside, I was quite shy around people. I did get energy from others (extrovert) but I would cross the street to avoid someone walking by me on the sidewalk. I was a shy extrovert. Still am in some ways.

D. Dragons I Dislike about my Personality:  Perfectooth; I'm too hard on myself. Got this from my military father.

E. Example. Who do you think shares your kingdom? Oprah Castle/Circus. She's all about accomplishing great things (Castle), while being warm & friendly (Circus), and having fun (Circus) all at the same time. Just like me. (But she has $$$ to truly make a difference :)

F. Family. I wish my family knew about this when my quiet, analytical brother was still alive. I think we were so loud and dominant, we missed out on his witty, dry sense of humor. Sorry, Bro Bro.

G. Great. Most Like about My Personality: Caring, fun, and curious. People have said, "What you see, is what you get!" I like being authentic.

Other Comments:

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Kimberly West's Quiz Choices

"13 Personality Quiz Clue Cards to your

Personality-Ville treasure."

(Click here for all 13 Clue Cards, the basis of the personality quiz)

Clue Card 1 ~ 

 Ace of Excellence Paladin (Hero)

(Choices are: Blaze, Ace of Achieving; Sunny, Ace of Play; Sky, Ace of Learning; or Shamrock, Ace of Relaxing.)

   My Choice for 1= Castle, Blaze Ace of Achieving

Comments: I think I'm mostly like Blaze. Although I really like to have fun. The older I get, the more I want to accomplish something worthwhile--a very "Blaze" like quality. Because of some medical conditions, my body doesn't have the energy of a Blaze, but my mind does!

Clue Card 2 ~ 

 Two Ways: Messy or Neat ways to organize projects.

(Choices are: Neat-Many, Messy-Many, Neat-Few, or Messy-Few.)

My choice for 2= Circus, Messy - Many Projects

Comments: I try really hard to be neat. I feel better when I am, but I get distracted easy.

Clue Card  3 ~

 Three Strikes You're Out! Things we hate, that seals your fate.

(Choices are: Waiting, Being Bored, Conflict, or Change.)

  My choice for 3= Castle, Waiting

Comments: I want to accomplish something at all times.

Clue Card 4 ~

Four-part harmony, lead (spotlight) or background.

(Choices are: Spotlight-Director, Spotlight-Star, Background-Technician, Background-Audience.)

My choice for 4= Spotlight-Director


Clue Card 5 ~

Decision Drive: Preferred way of making decisions.

(Choices are: Thinking or Feeling and Fast or Slow.)

  My choice for 5= Circus, Fast/Feeling

Comments: I drive my Cottage friends nuts by being impulsive.

Clue Card 6 ~

Speed & Tempo

(Choices are: 100+ Salsa, 80+ Swing, 47.5 Tango, or 40ish Waltz.)

  My choice for 6= Castle, Fast 100+, Tempo Salsa

Comments: My mind goes 100+, but with medical problems, it slows me down. I guess that's a blessing in disguise.

Clue Card 7 ~ 

7th Heaven Motto

(Choices are: Relax, Learn, Achieve, or Play.)

My choice for 7= Castle, Achieve

Comments: The older I get, I'm all about Achieving. As a younger girl, I really didn't have too many goals--I was more of a Play Motto person.

Clue Card  8 ~

Energy Treasure

(Choices are: High-Extrovert energy from others. Lower-energy from inside: Introvert.)

  My choice for 8= Circus, High Energy - Energy Fill from Others

Comments: I get energy from others. I esp. like to make people laugh.

Clue Card  9 ~

Noise (Choices are: Loud-Direct, Loud-Lively, Quiet-Precise, Quiet-Warm.)

  My choice for 9= Castle, Loud: Direct, or lively-laughing!

Comments: What can I say? I see solutions and I love to laugh!

Clue Card 10 ~ 

Top 10 Talents

(Choices are: Trailblazer, Motivator, Wizard, Diplomat.)

My choice for 10= Circus, Royal Motivator (Sunny Jester)

Comments: I love to inspire people and make them the best they can be through entertaining learning.

Clue Card 11 (Jack) ~

Jack O' Dragons of Defects:

(Choices are: Bossy Barker, Chattyeth, Perfectooth, or Snoozoth.)

  My choice for 11= Observatory, Perfectooth

Comments: Hard on myself. Got this from my Air Force pilot father who told me he raised us like we were in the service.

Clue Card 12 (Queen) ~ 

Queen Dream Team:

(Choices are: Fanfare the Follower, Encore & Applause, Saint Patient, or Please & Thank You.)

My choice 12= Castle, Fanfare the Follower (BFF, how we like to be treated)

Comments: I really appreciate someone who just answers my question and trusts me when I lead.

Clue Card 13 (Kingdom) ~

Kingdom-Card Suit:

(Choices are: Castle, Circus, Observatory, or Cottage.)

  My choice for 13= Castle, Royal Castle

Comments: I love the Castle because it's a place where

important goals are accomplished with lots of people around.

Hi! I'm Kimberly West and I live near Blaze's Castle. I love to accomplish as much as possible and I think BIG! But, I love to have fun too! It's been really great for me to understand that different people "live" in different personality kingdoms. When I first meet people, I get a little excited and have a hard time listening. So now when I meet someone new, I visualize myself in the middle of Personality-Ville (at a slower speed) and take a deep breath. This puts people at ease and it lets me get a feel for how THEY want to be treated.
When I decided to write, it was hard for me because I get energy from being around people. I hunkered down and gave myself a "treat" of going out if I finished a certain amount of work. Also, sharing what I wrote with others on the phone or Skype was a good way to energize too.
So, just remember, If I can make it, so can you!
Here's more things we may have in common.
 Common Ground: Favorite Things = CGFAV
101. Movie: GWTW, Out of Africa, Star Wars, The Music Man, Red Violin, Amadeus,
102. Actress: Meryl Streep
103. Actor: Clark Gable
104. Song: Hallelujah,
105. Singer: Darryl Purpose, Adam Lambert
106. Band: KISS, Chicago
107. Dance: Salsa, Waltz, Tango, Funk
108. Book: Bible, The Alchemist, GWTW, Chronicles of Narnia
109. Book Characters: Aslan
110. Author: Meredith Willson
111. TV Shows: Shark Tank, Movies, Undercover Boss, Mad Men
112. Food: Cookie Dough, Pop-Corn
113. Vacation Spot:  my front yard (a bay), St. Martin, Iowa in the Spring
114. Business Quote: Never, ever give up. Winston Churchill
115. Celebrity Quote: Passion is energy. Follow what excites you. ~ Oprah

116. My Personal Quote: Don't let your music hide so inside, for your future is bright and yours to decide. ~ Kimberly West

117. Favorite Decade: 60s
118. Games: Trivial Pursuit, Charades, Pictionary

119. OTHER

Now, tell us your story--in story, poem, song, video, or artwork.

Tell us your unique story about embracing your personality style, whether that be from an extrovert or introvert perspective. Did you learn that your personality gains or spends energy differently? Have a dragon? Did you learn how to manage it and now your life is better? Does your boss, spouse, or family member have a dragon and you learned how to cope with it? 

Nobody's perfect. However, striving for excellence is something we value. Here at Personality-Ville® we think that mentoring and role-modeling is an important factor of being our best.


The High Royal Court has set up a system where any Royal Subject may apply or nominate themselves/others to be part of this exciting registry of notable people in the kingdom.


This is a new program and we will be adding new information as it becomes available.


We are looking for those individuals who exemplify the strengths/natural talents of each Personality-Ville® Kingdom, while striving to manage their Dragons of Defects.

These categories will be set up: kids (8-12) teens (13-17), adults (18+), and seniors (60+). (Other categories may be added later.)

 An annual ball (TBA) will be the culmination of our Who's Who program with the crowning and recognition of our top Royal Subjects of Personality-Ville®.  

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There will also be a series of individual profile biographies of famous folks from each Personality-Ville kingdom.
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