Who's Who Common Ground

Optional: Common Ground = CG

(Part of the card series of Personality-Ville Common Ground Game)

You share how much, or how little, personal details that's comfortable for you.

1. Age/Era ~  Baby Boomer

2. Where Born: Anchorage Alaska on an Air Force Base, before it was a state.

3. Month Born/Season: Winter 

4. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

5. Home ~ Iowa. Small town.

6. Family Childhood: Air Force father, fun mother, 5 kids, 4-girls, 1-boy. Me=number 2. Moved a lot. Loved to go camping in the summer.

7. Physical Characteristics/Nationality ~ Irish/German/English. 5' 6"

8. Values ~ Belief in Jesus, Integrity, Protect Nature, Enjoy Animals, Dance, Sing, Laugh A Lot, Family, Unite different groups through the arts of music. games.
9. Family: Spouse/Partner ~ Divorced. Great boyfriend now (10 years.)
10. Pets: none now. Grew up with an Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky that was rescued in Alaska where I was born.
13. Family Grandchildren: None. Have several great-nieces and nephews I adore.
14. Hobbies: totally focused limited energy on launching Club Personality-Ville (that's fun for me!). Was a ballroom and salsa dancer, gospel choir singer, speaker, actress, and board-game enthusiast.
14.1 Performances-Plays: The Desk Set (Elsa, the secretary's secretary); Coupla White Chicks; YMCA Rockies Stand-Up Comic, Gospel Choir (F.A.M.E.) for Frank Wells Disney Exec. funeral
15. Common Ground: Experiences ~ Places Lived (sorta in order) Alaska; U.P. Michigan; Chicago; Orange County California; Iowa; San Diego; Los Angeles; Kansas City; The Valley, So. Cal.; Mason City, Iowa; Minnesota ... I've moved over 58 times! Started at 2 months old and just kept going!
16. Jobs: (sort of in order) baby-sitter, corn detassler, typist for local Mayor, house cleaner, mail-clerk, records office clerk, house-sitter, pet-sitter, youth minister, customer service, exec. receptionist, office supplies, corp. cashier, corp. cash manager, card-counting team support, wardrobe for 25th anniversary tour of HAIR, chemical dependency counselor, voice-over, comedy traffic school instructor, marketing, dating coach, speaker, substitute teacher, journalist, columnist, author, educational game designer.

17. Most Interesting Jobs/Experiences: Comedy Traffic School Instructor. Supported a Team of Card-Counters in Europe and the Caribbean. Was a real-life apprentice for a Fortune 500 Company (went  from a receptionist to the Corp. Cash Manager at only 26 with no college degree). Wardrobe assistant for HAIR tour. 1980s won First Place in a Valley Girl Contest KISS Radio with Rick Dees at Le Hot Club in Encino. Current: Queen of Personality-Ville

17.1 TV Appearances/Gameshows: To Tell The Truth (Ann Bancroft Explorer) and Sweethearts Game shows. Interviews: abc Stevens Point, Wi. Producer/Director: Soweto Teen Ballroom Dancers at The Feather Awards in Beverly Hills 1994.

19. Best Childhood Memories: Laughing with my fun family! Playing games, running around outside in So. Calif. and our Iowa farm.
20. Best Childhood Sound: the pinging sound of gravel under the 1963 VW Microbus along a small path driving to our private ponds in the Iowa hot summer.
21. Best Childhood Smell: the smell of fresh-cut mowed lawn, as we got to play horses on it all together, and watch the sun set.
23. Best Childhood Taste: raw cookie dough from the beaters, that my mom and I just made.
27. "Fun Facts": Real-life apprentice for a Fortune 500 Treasury position. Was in Who's Who of the West in the 1980s as the youngest and only woman Corp. Cash Manager.
28. CG Role Models: Jesus. I try to think what would He truly do? Oprah. Rhea Zakich. My mom.
33. Interesting People in Life: Olympic Gold Medalist, Professional Gambler, Ray Kroc
34. Interesting People Met: Mary Tyler Moore, Rosa Parks, Tom Selleck, Eldridge Cleaver, John Robbins
35. Other
36. Other