Videos & Club Activities (Family or Group Fun)

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Club Personality-Ville will be a local and online club that has different chapters for special groups of people: families, couples, teens, business, women's groups and the like.

Also, you may use Club Personality-Ville as a segment within your own club--such as a book club, service association, youth group, etc. Also works as a library reading program for youth and adults. 

A place to practice all the important principles of Personality-Ville and re-energize! Come celebrate ALL types of personalities. Best Extrovert Awards. Best Introvert Awards.

Dragon Drool Anonymous: It's like a service club meets a 12-step group. 

Fun, unique, and meaningful for ages apx. 12 - adult.

Parts of Club Personality-Ville: A place to have fun, have role models (Who's Who of Personality-Ville) manage your "Dragons of Defects," have costume and talent contests, play games, and more.

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 For detailed activity instructions get the print or PDF of the books.

Below: Introduction


ACTIVITY ~ Below: A Welcome Banner to put up on your door showing people how you like to be treated!

ACTIVITY ~ Below: Game Play -- Sharing & Get-to-know-you Game: "Dragon Drool Anonymous"