Tempoments Music Tempos

The four ballroom dances I chose exemplify the four distinct quadrants of human behavior--In looking at and listening to the dancers one can observe certain characteristics. There are MANY types of tempo temperaments or personality styles within each tempo dance...and of course there are the style combinations.


Waltz -- Shamrock's Cottage (Introvert- Feeling) A standard slow waltz is a 1-2-3 steady beat that doesn't change. Watching the smooth dancers flow easily over the dance floor reminds us of those endearing people that waltz through life who want things to be easy and they go with the flow.

When you watch a couple waltz, you can observe their tempo, energy, and movements. They look smooth flowing, easy-going, lower energy, and peaceful. These observations can be translated to the same characteristics of people. Folks that waltz through life ARE peaceful, lower-energy, and like to go with the flow. They also have that inviting feeling that says, "Come with us." 

Waltz people also have a strong sense of friendship and loyalty. They really enjoy relationships and people are very important to them. 

I choose GREEN for Waltz because it represents a feeling of being "down to earth." It's also a warm color and is very soothing.

Salsa (Extrovert - Thinking)   

Salsa is really an umbrella term for a hot, latin, explosive set of dances that include the mambo, merenge, cumbia, salsa, cha cha, etc. Many of these dances have an African and Carribean influence. Countries like Puerto Rico, Cuba, and South America have elements of Salsa. When you look at a salsa dancer, first of all, you can't help to look at them. They command attention. Hot, fiery, quick, explosive, intense, like tango, but very outward--sometimes in your face energy!

People that Salsa through life are bold, dynamic, quick, big thinkers, confident--WOW people!!

I choose RED for Salsa because it is the most intense powerful color--it's also "red hot" because they are on fire with BIG ideas! 




People that Tango through life are very slow to get started, perfectionistic, analytical, planners, rigid, very deep thinkers and the feel things VERY deeply (although they may not share that with you right away.)

I choose BLUE for Tango because it's a cool color and it reminds us of a deep ocean, or a blue sky, or a night blue--which encompasses a vast amount of information--something a Tango can't get enough of! 


Tango--another time to be patient. 


Swing (Extrovert - Feeling) 

Swing -- Swing is another set of dances, this time from the big band era. Lindy Hop, Jive, East Coast Swing, and Balboa fit in this category. Like the extrovert Salsa, Swing is less structured and a lot more FUN! Swing dancers whip around with a flexible feeling, in fact they are all about feeling and "showing off"! 

People that Swing through life are fun, fun, fun!! High energy full of life and FEELING!!!! They like to be the center of attention and they are very good at keeping the attention of others!

I choose YELLOW for Swing because it's a sunny warm color full of happy intensity!