Personality-Ville (RT) Roundtable Talk: Get-To-Know-You Sharing Game

Roundtable Talk is a fun get-to-know-you game that's played in a sharing way, after everyone in the group has taken the Personality-Ville quiz at their own pace.

1. Take the Quiz in The Books, or Playing Cards.

2. Follow the rules below to play Roundtable Talk. (The rules are also in the books and the cards.)

For: Groups (2-6 players)   Ages: 12+  Time: average 2 hrs (you may set a stop time) 

Object: share your Personality-Ville Quiz results with the group.

Guess their choices (gain points) without exhibiting Dragon Drool Behavior (lose points) 

WIN by having the most points.

(All win by learning about each other and the valuable principles of Personality-Ville.)

"It's a card game. It's a discussion starter. It's a personality test."

Why is it called "Dragon Drool"?

Personality strengths taken to the extreme, become Dragons of Defects. When we become our Dragon of Defects~it shows. A little Dragon Drool is visible.

Here's a set of Jack O' Dragons of Defects from the card deck:

Jack O' Dragons of Defects Personality-Ville Kingdom Cards

Roundtable Talk Get-To-Know-You Sharing Game

Game Play -- Rules Details
Just like a personality style test, playing these card games will determine your predominate style. It also teaches about the concept in general as a bonus, you can take away valuable knowledge to apply in your life.
Because it's an educational game, most game play is done in a "win/win" style. Everyone "wins" by learning and listening to each other. Great ice-breaker, and you learn a very valuable concept.
Because it's a regular poker deck with A, K, Q, J, etc. you may use it to play any other game of cards you like. You may comment on a card and share with the group if you think it is "More Like Me," or "Less Like Me," to utilize and practice your new "language."

GAME PLAY Instructions: 

Get-to-know-you sharing activity.

(After each person has taken the quiz at their own pace.)

For: Groups (2-6 players)   Ages: 12+  Time: average 2 hrs (you may set a stop time) 

Object: share your Personality-Ville Quiz results with the group; guess their choices (gain points) without exhibiting Dragon Drool Behavior (lose points)  WIN by having the most points. (All win by learning about each other and the valuable principles of Personality-Ville.)

1. Get in groups. Bring pen, paper & Answer Sheet

* Get in groups of 2-6 people.

* Have this book or a Personality-Ville Quiz Card Deck, or Mats for each group.

* Each person brings their own finished Personality Quiz Answer Sheet. (And a pen and blank notepad for notes or questions to discuss at end.)

Example of Answer Sheet/Card Below: 

Bill’s Answer Sheet

A ~ Castle

K ~ Circus

Q ~ Observatory (and J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 card choices)


 2. Beginning Scoring.

  • Everyone starts out with 10 points each (can use poker chips, tokens, or coins) or just jot down the scores on a notepad.

Below Example of Group Score Sheet:

Group Members      Don      Lisa     Bill 

Starting points          +10     +10      +10

-lose points -         

+gain points +  ___________________

Net Total 

  • Before sharing starts, on your notepad, each writes down the names of all group members and your guess for their predominate kingdom. Hide until the end. 

Example of Predominate Kingdom Predictions Guess:

Group Predictions. My Name: Bill 

Group Members:

Don ~ Castle

Lisa ~ Observ.

3. Start Sharing. Interrupt = Lose points.

Start. Someone reads: “Relax, Learn, Achieve, Play keeps your Dragons far away! Strengths when taken to the extreme, become Dragons of Defects.”

  • Cut out and read the Speaker Card and Dragon Card below, or make your own. Give the youngest person The Speaker Card first and this PV Quiz Book. (The Dragon Cards stay in the middle of the table.)  
  •   Start with the Ace Card set on pg. 22.  At the start of a set, you speak, others listen. Start by saying your name. Example: “I’m Bill. I might have a dragon!” Others answer, “Hi Bill.” This helps the group to focus and stay quiet.Then, looking at the Ace Card Set, read aloud The Natural Law and The Question for that card set.
  • Reveal your choice and tell why you chose that card.  
  • After you tell your choice, pass the PV Quiz Book and Speaker Card to your left, saying, “That’s me!” Others say, “Thanks, Bill.” No comments or interruptions from others at this time: LISTEN ONLY. (you may take notes for later discussion) 
  • Lose (1) point for each Dragon Card Behavior, like interrupting.

TIP: Having a hard time keeping quiet? Take a breath! Don’t sit next to another chatty person. Get a notepad to jot down your thoughts and share them later.

4. Guess others’ kingdom = Gain points.  

  • After all share their quiz choices & predominate kingdom, go around group. For each person, the others show their guess for that person’s predominate kingdom. Then move on to next person. Gain five (5) points per each correct guess. Long Play: all guess each card for each person.
  • Option: At the end, someone read aloud the detailed Royal Summary for each kingdom for more traits and story details. (start pg. 58)

 Example Group Scoresheet:

Group Scoresheet

                Don   Lisa    Bill

Start pts. +10      +10      +10

lose pts. - 2          - 1        -4

gain pts. +5        +10     +10

Net Total  13         19       16

In this case, Lisa won with 19 points by listening and predicting the other group members' kingdom. 

5. End of Session. At the end, using the Speaker Card, go around and tell what you learned, any surprises, and how you may apply this information to your life.

6. Open Discussion. After everyone has shared, you may open it up for discussion or Q & A session. This is a good time to go around and give each other compliments or other positive comments. (These compliments are “Energy Treasure.”)You may also pose questions. Cross talk is encouraged at this point. Still practice listening and remember, if preferred, let others think before they speak. You may refer to your note card if you jotted down thoughts as others were speaking.


After: Join your Royal Kingdom of Personality-Ville! Register in your kingdom and become a Paladin of Personality-Ville. Be a Hero of Harmony. Start or join a Club Personality-Ville and attend Dragon Drool Anonymous Games! 

 (Roundtable Talk and Dragon Drool Anonymous share the same rules!)
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Dragon Drool Anonymous Game Instructions Page 3 of 3 Personality-Ville

Why Play This Sharing Game? The Benefits Are:
1. You learn valuable lessons of The Natural Laws of Life/Personality-Ville. Learn a new “language.”
2. Nearly every aspect of your life is affected by your personality style. Career, school, love life, & more.
3. Learning this common language vocabulary and  fun symbolic images, will enable you to communicate with a wide variety of people.
4. It’s FUN! Everybody wins! Educational/Communication Game.


What is Personality-Ville?  A NEW LANGUAGE!
1. Personality-Ville incorporates established principles going back to Hippocrates’ four temperaments. It uses extroversion/introversion & thinking/feeling ideas.
2. It is based on a map location of four main kingdoms. "Royal Residences" are a Castle, Circus, Observatory, and a Cottage~each representing a personality style. It’s a “Treasure Map To Life.”
3. It strives to unify different programs by providing a common language vocabulary for discussion, and a set of fun image symbols to refer to.

Group Discussion Questions
-- Use the Map to Refer To

NOTE: there is no best Personality-Ville kingdom!
Rules: only one person talks at a time.
Youngest goes first, then to their left.
(you may write down any comments or questions you have and can ask them at your next turn)

1. How would you describe your personality? What traits do people often tell you about yourself? Where do you see yourself in Personality-Ville?

2. What do you like about your personality?

3. What talents do you naturally have?

4. Name one person in your family or friends and “place” them in Personality-Ville.

5. Name one person/friend who you think lives in your Personality-Ville kingdom.

6. Think of a good job for your personality kingdom or the kingdom of your choice.

7. Think of a well known person and “place” them in Personality-Ville. (Hint: Oprah lives in Sunny’s Circus, Bill Gates lives in Sky’s Observatory…)

8. Last Question: What did you learn today? How can you apply this knowledge to your life in a practical way?

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