Personality-Ville Discussion Questions

Personality-Ville Game “Play”
Educational Game--Everybody Wins!
Learn about yourself & others…
Why Play This Game?

Fun Questions -- Use the Map to Refer To

NOTE: there is no best Personality-Ville kingdom!
Rules: only one person talks at a time.
    Youngest goes first, then to their left.
       (you may write down any comments or questions you     have and can ask them at your next turn)

1. How would you describe your personality? What traits do people often tell you about yourself? Where do you see yourself in Personality-Ville?

2. What do you like about your personality?

3. What talents do you naturally have?

4. Name one person in your family or friends and “place” them in Personality-Ville.

5. Name one person/friend who you think lives in your Personality-Ville kingdom.

6. Think of a good job for your personality kingdom or the kingdom of your choice.

7. Think of a well known person and “place” them in Personality-Ville. (Hint: Oprah lives in Sunny’s Circus, Bill Gates lives in Sky’s Observatory…)

8. Last Question: What did you learn today? How can you apply this knowledge to your life in a practical way?

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