Personality Temperament affects every aspect of your life.

There are many factors that affect your life. Your temperament ~ how you move through life ~ influences all aspects of your world: where you get energy from, how you make a decision, what mate you choose, your parenting style, how you handle stress, what career is best, and more!
One way to begin your learning journey into this fascinating subject is to read Kimberly West's book, "Why Can't Everyone Be Like Me?" Following are a few highlights of what you will learn and why you should read this unique book and use the Personality-Ville books, wall art, and the fun games.
Who should read this book and use the Personality-Ville system? Why Can’t Everyone Be Like Me? is written for a broad audience. Parents, teachers, husbands and wives, young people, and those in business would benefit from this simple, yet profound story. In the business world, all employees, not just the managers or sales force can benefit from its easy format.

Why should you read this book and use the Personality-Ville system ? Using the principles—called The Harmony Habit—in Why Can’t Everyone Be Like Me? can create more harmony and less stress in your relationships with your significant other, friends, co-workers, and your children.

Understanding this concept can help steer you in the right career, or as a student help you decide the proper education major. As a teacher, understanding your students can decrease class tension. As a single person searching for “Mr./Ms. Right” it can help you understand why opposites attract. As a young person it would help you appreciate yourself better and your parents, too!
The Harmony Habit™: Harmonize (adjust) your actions to be
in-tune with others--treat people the way they prefer.

Benefits of The Harmony Habit™ include:

· Save time, energy, and money by accepting yourself and others as they are.

· Understanding who you are increases self-esteem.

· Speaking the other person’s language is the key to business success—increase your income!

· Knowing what to expect from others reduces stress.

· Enhance your marriage by cherishing your differences.

· Save therapy bills by avoiding misunderstandings.

· Increase your child’s self-esteem, which enhances learning. Just to name a few!

After reading and using this book, you will be able to:

· Identify the four basic personality styles/temperaments: both strengths, and weaknesses.

· Know what your Tempo Temperament is—how you dance through life.

· Find out where you get energy, how you make a decision, how you relate to people, and how you problem solve.

· Appreciate the special person you are and recognize that we need all four styles in the world to create a place of perfect balance, like four-part harmony.

· Find yourself amused, not frustrated, when you recognize certain personalities. Your relationships will become richer and more harmonious. You will be able to get along with just about anyone!