Ask the Expert "Why Do They Do THAT?"

How does the falling economy affect each style? (answer is on my blog)
My boss and I are sooo different it drives me nuts! I am on time and do my work as planned. She keeps changing things and is always late. How can I best get along with her without pulling my hair out?
KT in Long Beach
Dear KT,
First of all you need to find out which Personality-Ville kingdom you are from. It sounds like you are an "Observatory," who is someone that is very precise, formal and likes to keep to a planned schedule. On the other hand your boss sounds like a typical "Circus," someone who's motto is: "Play!" Understanding these basic differences is the key to keeping your sanity! Be patient with her and expect that she will be late and change things. Use words that are "music to her ears": "Fun," "Exciting," "Your great idea"! Good luck