Royal Observatory


Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory in Cautious Canyon 

 Everything in The Royal Observatory is high quality and, if possible, perfect.

The Royal Observatory plays a very important part in Personality-Ville®. People here love to observe everything.They are from The Family of Introvert and live on The Logical Left (Thinking) side of Decision Drive.

They love to think deep thoughts, and have very deep feelings that they don't show unless they feel very close to you. Observatory folks like things to be perfect. The challenge is, they live with imperfect beings~including themselves.

The Royal Observatory Subjects are very clever and invent lots of efficient contraptions. They also can be an accomplished artists and musicians. Mozart was their cousin as is Martha Stewart and Bill Gates. Their color is a deep midnight sky blue.

Personality-Ville Points to Ponder: Knowing what to expect reduces stress and aids in future planning.

WHAT TO EXPECT from The Royal Observatory: they will be cautious, slow to make decisions, very thoughtful, honor-bound, and precise. Expect them to be early to an event, and will feel late if they are exactly "on time." Expect them to move very slowly in many matters of their life. When they love, they love deeply. They will be very private will all but the closest people to them. They will NEED quiet time, alone, to replenish their "Energy Coins." They can have an intellectual dry sense of humor.

Personality-Ville Points to Ponder: Strengths, when taken to the extreme, become Dragons of Defects.

Possible Dragons of Defects: "Perfectooth" can be perfectionistic with themselves and others. They can be overly sensitive at times (to them it is NOT overly sensitive). They can tend to have "paralysis by analysis": get caught up in the planning and not so much in the execution. May need others to get them out at times.

Who's Who of The Royal  Observatory
Kimberly West of Personality-Ville had the opportunity to ask Mr. Bush directly about his personality at a recent visit he made to Mason City, Iowa. He said he's an introvert that loves people, and that it was time for a president who was less about "me" and more about listening to other people.
Here's the video of his answer:
Susan Cain -- Author of the best-selling book, "Quiet--The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking."

Martha Stewart

Bill Gates

Albert Einstein

Warren Buffett 


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