Royal Circus

Royal Circus of Personality-Ville

All things playful live here at The Royal Circus in Fun*diddl*I*opolis 

Royal subjects who like to live here are from The Extrovert Family and live on the Feeling side of Decision Drive.

This is The Royal Circus. It is always sunny, fun, and bright in this joyful kingdom. In the middle of The Circus, it's loud, fun, and high energy all the time! Those that live in The Circus are wonderful at making anyone feel special as no one is a stranger to them. They can talk to anyone about anything~with or without information on the subject. 

 The Circus is ruled by the fast and lively Swing Tempo as there are fun swing dancers on stage. Those in The Circus like it fast, fun, upbeat and about them if possible~as they truly are entertaining and adorable.

Personality-Ville Points to Ponder: Knowing what to expect reduces stress and aids in future planning.

WHAT TO EXPECT from The Royal Circus: they will be up-beat, happy, funny, and energetic much of the time. No one is a stranger to them--they talk to everyone! They have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. Their humor can be unfiltered, so you never know what to expect!

Personality-Ville Points to Ponder: Strengths, when taken to the extreme, become Dragons of Defects.

Possible Dragons of Defects: "Chattyeth" can be late, sloppy, forgetful, talks too much, no filter on mouth, loud, childish, but usually even with their Dragons, they still are adorable and hard to stay mad at!

Who's Who of the Royal House of Sunny's Circus:

(Here are some possible Who's Who inductees. They also may be part of another kingdom. This is our thoughts on these people. We would love to hear from you directly to see where you think you live in Personality-Ville!)

Kimberly West, Queen of Personality-Ville (founder, speaker, author, designer)

John Naber

Olympic Champion, Sports Broadcaster, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Author, Businessman, Ethicist, Volunteer

 (click on picture or name to visit his official website)

John was one of the first celebrities to be interviewed by our Personality-Ville staff. When asked about his personality, John said he sees himself as an extrovert, getting energy from people. When asked about the long hours, alone in a pool, John said it helped to schedule the practice sessions when others were around. It's not surprising that after winning 4 gold medals, and 1 silver at the 1976 Olympics, he went on to become a motivational author and speaker. He also has been seen numerous times as a prime-time sports broadcaster and on-air TV personality for The Tournament of Roses parade, among other diverse events.

Lately, John has had the opportunity to share about his good friend, the late Louis Zamperini of "Unbroken" fame. John is a great example of a Royal Circus person who lets others shine in the spotlight. 

Kim Gravel  is a veteran television host/interviewer, entrepreneur and leader, but most of all she has a passion for people and hearing their stories. She has logged thousands of hours as host of award-winning talk shows “Friends & Neighbors” and “Atlanta Live,” is seen on Headline News Network as a recurring contributor and is now starring in the hit weekly docu-series “Kim of Queens” on the Lifetime Network. Kim is the Southeast’s premier pageant and beauty coach with an extensive background in both fields. In 1991, at the age of 19, Kim became one of the youngest Miss Georgias in the state pageant’s history. Lately, Kim has been co-hosting on the Steve Harvey TV Show.

Katie Couric

Television journalist, known for her "perky" personality! Where else would she live but the Circus?

Taylor Wiebers -- Miss Iowa 2015

Taylor, in the opinion of the Royal Subjects of Personality-Ville, seems very comfortable on stage. Her vivacious personality shines through in all that she does, making her a great fit for The Royal Circus! 

From the Miss America Organization: Atlantic City, NJ (September 10, 2015) - ... Also capturing the spotlight was Miss Iowa, Taylor Wiebers, who was the preliminary Lifestyle and Fitness winner in a blue swimsuit. Taylor also won the first night of preliminary competition in Talent. She is now the first double preliminary winner since 2001 and will receive a $1,000 scholarship for her win this evening.

Below is her bio on the official Miss Iowa Website:

Taylor attends the University of Iowa and is on the Dean's List; a National Honors Society member; AP student; a recipient of Drake University's Presidential Scholarship and Drake's Highest Musical Theatre Scholarship.

Mark Twain

Below: What you can expect from each of the Four Kingdoms.