Royal Castle

Royal Castle of Personality-Ville


Everything is about accomplishing as much as possible, as fast as possible, for as long as possible!

The Royal Castle in DomiNation

Just looking at this castle should give you clues as to who lives here and how they live. Castles are strong, busy, royal, with big important ideas going on. They like things organized, yet there are a lot of projects going on at once. Those that live in The Castle are high energy, bold, dynamic, courageous, and like to accomplish a lot. They value time over many things and therefor there is a huge clock in the middle of The Castle. 
Off to the logical left, are large Thinking Gears~as their brain is thinking  all the time. This matches the on-site factory which runs 24 hours a day!
The Tempo in this kingdom is bold, fast and dynamic. This is governed by the Salsa Tempo and of course let's not forget the hot Latin Salsa dancers!

Personality-Ville Points to Ponder: Knowing what to expect reduces stress and aids in future planning.
WHAT TO EXPECT from The Royal Castle: Expect them to be quick, to-the-point, make fast decisions, prioritize by how MUCH they can accomplish at any time. They will be on time and hate to waste time. They will be very busy with work and life. They can juggle many projects at once. Their humor tends to be sarcastic--don't take it personally. 

Personality-Ville Points to Ponder: Strengths, when taken to the extreme, become Dragons of Defects. 

Possible Dragons of Defects: "Bossy Barker" can be bossy if under stress or in a hurry. Think they can do it all, and sometimes need to stop and take care of themselves with more sleep, time for relaxing, or just doing nothing and having fun. They especially need to adopt the Four Mottos (from each kingdom): Relax, Learn, Achieve, Play, keeps your Dragons far away!
Who's Who of The Royal Castle


Queen Kimberly West of Personality-Ville.

Donald Trump    

During his 2016 U.S. presidential run, his dominant personalty is one of his most talked about traits. Some could say that he is not living in his "Aces of Excellence," but has taken those strengths to an extreme and lives much of the time as his Dragon of Defect ~ Bossy Barker!  Others from his kingdom just look at his dominance, strength, and high-energy as typical traits for those that live in The Royal Castle.

Barbara Walters 

Television journalist, producer of The View TV show, pioneer for women journalists and much more.

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 Below: What you can expect from The Four Kingdoms.


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