Merchandise: Mugs, T-Shirts, Totes, Treasure Chests

Conversation Starters and fun merchandise to remind you of all things Personality-Ville. 

THE New Conversation Starter: "Where do you live on the Personality-Ville Treasure Map?"

Great for friendship, dating, business networking, family reunions, holiday parties and more.

 Personality-Ville is designed from the ground up as a conversation starter because it’s a non-threatening, fun, and visual way to talk about personalities in a light way. It's based on a four-kingdom map with two introverts: Cottage, Observatory, and two extroverts: Castle, Circus. 

 There are several products that can be used as a tool to ask the question. Wear the t-shirt with the question on it. Ask the question by using the colorful tote. Point to a fun mug with the four Personality-Ville kingdoms on it. Put up the Personality-Ville Treasure Map to Life poster on your wall at home, school, or work. Or put a mini treasure chest (with a little Personality-Ville map in it) in your car, or bring it with you when you go for coffee or eat at a cafe. People can’t resist these colorful and intriguing items. Often, they are the ones who start the conversation with, “That’s cool; what's that map about?"

 An example of a first question could be something like, “Hi! Have you heard of this new personality map: Personality-Ville? I guess there are four kingdoms that represent a personality style. I think I’m from the ‘Circus Kingdom.’ How about you?” There is an online free Personality-Ville Map and quiz that can be accessed on any computer or mobile device. Energy Treasure chests are located in each kingdom, so another question could be “Where is your “X” marks the spot?"

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