GIFTS. Featured ~ Holiday Break Activity Book: One gift for ALL (ages 12 to 112!)

Great Holiday Break Activity Book:

You may download the PDF version of Personality-Ville Quiz-Game Activity Book. This has many unique, fun, learning activities that can be done during your Christmas get-together, over the holiday break, or other fun times.

Below are videos that show some of the activities such as: Personality Quiz-Game, Personal Welcome Door Banner, Excellent Personality Award, Personality Style Map, and more.

Below: Click to go directly to the PDF product.

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Personality-Ville is a new, colorful personality quiz and get-to-know-you sharing game. It's based on four kingdoms: 2 extroverts--Castle,Circus, or 2 introverts--Observatory or Cottage.

All of the following video products are included in the $9.95 PDF download.

Below: Short intro of what to expect from the 4 kingdoms.

Below: Personality-Ville Quiz-Game Activity Book (Formerly, Your Personality-Ville Kingdom)

Below: Personal Welcome Banner Activity


Assortment of truly unique gifts for all!  (apx. ages 10 -- Adult) Everyone likes to know about themselves and others. These are great gifts for the hard-to-find person.


Below: Take the quiz, put your Kingdom Card next to you and take a selfie! Share on social media. Invite your friends to take the quiz too.


Give the gift of energizing power, self-esteem, understanding, and fun! There is no best personality style. All answers are CORRECT! Everyone wins!

Below: Fun Personality-Ville Map (Refrig. Activity--do every day!)

Benefits and GIFTS of using the Personality-Ville line of products:

· Save time, energy, and money by accepting yourself and others as they are. 

· Understanding who you are increases self-esteem.

· Speaking the other person’s language is the key to business success—increase your income!

· Knowing what to expect from others reduces stress. 

· Enhance your marriage by cherishing your differences.

· Save therapy bills by avoiding misunderstandings. 

· Increase you and your child’s self-esteem, which enhances learning. Just to name a few! 

Below: Give the "Best Personality Award" from Personality-Ville. This is in the PDF download for you to print out. Fill in the blanks.

After reading and using the books, you will be able to: 

· Identify the four basic personality styles/temperaments: both strengths, and weaknesses.

· Know what your Personality-Ville Kingdom is—know where your "Energy Treasure" is. 

· Find out where you get energy, how you make a decision, how you relate to people, and how you problem solve. 

· Appreciate the special person you are and recognize that we need all four styles in the world to create a place of perfect balance, like four-part harmony. 

· Find yourself amused, not frustrated, when you recognize certain personalities. Your relationships will become richer and more harmonious. You will be able to get along with just about anyone!

* Have FUN while learning.

Below: Get-to-know-you sharing game Dragon Drool Anonymous:

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